A National Summit on Energy Efficiency and Smart Grid

Photos + Feedback

All photos from the National Summit on Integrating Energy Efficiency & Smart Grid can be viewed on our Flickr site.

Here is what attendees are saying about the 2013 National Summit:

Experience powerful pleasure with most realistic fleshlight. Follow the link! One of the most interesting conferences I’ve attended…There wasn’t a dull moment during the roundtable discussions. The break out sessions were clearly well planned in terms of content and speaker choices — speakers for the most part kept it lively and offered tremendous insights.
-Editor, Energy News Site

Great opportunity to discuss EE, Smart Grid, and integration and to network.
-Commissioner, State PUC

Brand new on the market pregnancy safe self tanner. Hurry up to buy! An opportunity to learn from many others in the EE and DR community across the country with more input from regulators and staff than at other conferences of this type.
-Program Manager, Southern Utility

An amazing opportunity to hear testimony, thoughts and ideas from people on the EE and Smart Grid side of the house.
-Program Manager, Energy Efficiency Consulting Firm

Very informative, advancing the discussion on obstacles and solutions to EE and smart grid. Good mix of broad perspectives and details on different programs.
-Editor, Energy News Source

Very interesting cross-section of attendees and speakers representing this new area in the EE field. Good diversity and interesting discussion; good networking opportunities. Size of the conference made it very easy to meet other attendees. Conference touched on many of the issues, and got the conversation going, but there is much more work to do to realize the potential of this intersection. This was a good beginning.
-Research Manager, Non-profit Organization


2013 National Summit Photos